We have consulted with and heard from numerous leaders in a broad array of industries that work within or tangentially deal with the recruiting arena. We have observed some common feedback threads emerge that include:

The type of position we need to fill have evolved into hybrid positions with fewer people serving more functions than before

We want at least a shot at the best talent out there – not just the best candidates that are actively looking

Multiple recruiting firms often send the same candidates from job boards which our internal recruiting has access to anyway

We need that kind of professional who not only understands the technical aspects of what do here, but who are also effective communicating with our clients at a senior level

The techniques, resources and methodologies that worked before are not as effective now

At M. Lane and Associates we address and overcome each of these issues using our unique sourcing and candidate vetting techniques. This vastly increases the quality of our placements and that means better results for you in the long term. We’re not just seeking to earn a commission. We build ongoing relationships with our clients and our candidates. Why not join the list? Contact Us today and see the difference for yourself!