Recruiting Solutions

What We Do Differently

We appreciate that internal recruiting divisions of organizations have evolved and progressed to do much of the standard recruiting that may have been outsourced previously. We focus on dovetailing into these activities and adding value on special searches or projects that are not well suited to do in-house, and insure we are not be redundant to what is already being effectively covered.

Through researching best practices of industry leaders and integrating our own internally developed proprietary methodologies we consistently generate superior results even in this ever evolving environment.


Partnering Approach

We recognize your goal is not to collect resumes that meet the minimum requirements, but instead to find the best candidate for the position. If you are looking for a needle in the haystack we want to present you with options on sharper needles not throw more hay on the stack. Finding the population of candidates that meets the basic requirements is only an initial phase of our process.

Below The Iceberg’s Waterline

We have developed an effective and repeatable proprietary sourcing process to identify Passive Candidates with relevant skills and geographic proximity. The number of professionals who actually surf job boards or post to them is statistically insignificant compared to the total number of relevant professionals who would entertain a brief conversation if they believed a hiring company might provide the next logical step in their career.


The DEPARTMENT of LABOR (DOL) estimates that the “active candidate” population (those actively seeking employment though job boards, postings, etc) only makes up 16% of the population while the “passive candidate” population (those not actively seeking employment) makes up 84% of our workforce. These Passive candidates exist “below the waterline.”

Through various proprietary techniques including deep web research, geo-coding and target mapping we are able to connect with these “Logical Next Step Candidates” who typically do not entertain headhunter or recruiter contact. In exchange for their consideration we qualify opportunities for them exclusively to those that align with the established criteria. This methodology allows us to tackle and succeed at finding the professionals that had been previously designated “purple squirrels“ or “ impossible to find” searches.


The Heavy Lifting

While we use leading edge sourcing methods, top tier technology, industry best practices and internally developed techniques for identifying prospective candidates we still recognize that you will not learn about a candidate’s potential corporate fit potential until we get to know them better. We spend a great deal time on the phone and in-person speaking live (not through email blasts) with a statically significant number of candidates to truly canvass the viable market for the information and insight that is not on the resume.