We need real help in here, and we need it yesterday…

ISSUE: A large international corporation in the finance industry was given the directive to establish and staff a new separate underwriting division out of their Dallas office. This division would require over 20 additional staff members, including two rungs of management, all to be established within one fiscal quarter. The Dallas office, already overworked and understaffed, faced the possibility that if Senior Management was unable to ramp up this division it would be housed out of their New Your headquarters. Should this occur, it would be detrimental to the Dallas office’s budget, access, efficiency and ultimately compensation.

PROCESS: We coordinated a 5 component customized hiring ramp up project which involved:

M. Lane & Associates interviewed key management of the client on requirements, expectations, prerequisites, management styles, key objectives and the organizational cultures

A massive sourcing surge on M. Lane & Associates part involving evaluating in excess of 600 pre-filtered candidates

Phone screening, qualifying, testing candidates for specific requirements and prerequisites of client

Hosting a formal career fair type evaluation scenario that included further winnowing of candidates

Lastly, the top candidates as selected by M. Lane and Associates and by the client, participated in a two day interview process held at our offices.  Three decision makers were able to spend their limited time meeting face-to-face exclusively with thoroughly vetted candidates without the concern of evaluating weaker prospects or coordinating and scheduling meetings, interviews and follow-ups.

RESULT: Working in conjunction with the client’s recruiting department the company received accepted offers for all 24 available positions within 52 days. The initiative division was viable and functioning ahead of target.