I need your firm to get involved and understand what we really need…

While frequently our clients have a defined picture of what skills, experience, education and track-record a professional would require be successful in their organization, however sometimes further analysis is required.

ISSUE: A regional firm was looking to augment their small yet established partnership. The organization had been in operation for decades with little turn over in the organization and none at the partner level. While they had hoped to develop a partner from within they recognized the expertise they sought needed to be brought in from outside the firm. Of paramount importance they needed someone who would augment the business, complement the already successful business affairs, without disrupting the flow, dynamic, functioning business relationships and rapport shared by the established partners. Confidentiality and discretion was also of key importance.


  1. Meetings were held together with all partners to recognize key expectations from the new prospect.
  2. Meetings were coordinated individually to understand how the additional individual would impact their business unit as well. Consideration was also given to identifying any concerns personally or firm-wide regarding impact of the new partner.
  3. Time was invested (after our firm completed a non-disclosure by agreement) understanding the established book of business as well as expectations for the new hire
  4. A highly targeted campaign was initiated and key prospects vetted.
  5. Qualified candidates were selected for high superficial meetings and business lunches.
  6. At the client’s request M. Lane & Associates participated in second round interviews with clients where backgrounds, experience, specifics objectives, concerns, books of business, clients and compensation structure.

RESULT: After multiple candidates were hosted through the evaluation process an impressive individual was selected and accepted the firm’s offer. The terms of this arrangement also included an extended guarantee period.