I don’t want to deal with this until you find the right person…

ISSUE: While M. Lane & Associates has a strong history of meeting and beating tight time lines and an aggressive commitment schedules. We also understand that in some cases finding the rare individual with truly unique skills, knowledge, education and a proven track record of success trumps the immediate need to refill an opening.

The client wanted to tackle a new line of business and needed a Fortune 400, CFO level candidate with arbitrage experience and deep knowledge in two particular industries. This individual would be brought over to hire his or her own team and manage the area from inception. With only a handful of potentially qualified candidates in the market period, the client only wanted to consider genuinely viable individuals.

PROCESS: M. Lane & Associates initiated a nationwide identification and recruiting process.  Significant research on key prospects identified as possessing these traits was done however; none of the individuals were open to making a move due to various market conditions and corporate bonus structures incentivizing them to stay where they were at that time. Updates were given to the client on a noninvasive mutually agreed upon schedule.

RESULT: While in excess of 17 candidates were heavily pursued and courted by M. Lane & Associates only 4 candidates were ever presented to the client,  of whom one was selected, and run through the client’s interview process. This candidate was hired to form the division.