Contingency Direct-hire Placement

While M. Lane & Associates has a strong history of meeting and beating tight time lines and aggressive commitment schedules we also understand that in some cases finding the rare individual with truly unique skills, knowledge, education and a proven track record of success trumps the immediate need to refill an opening.

Retained Direct-hire Placement

Frequently our clients have a defined picture of what skills, experience, education and track-record a professional would require be successful in their organization. Sometimes, however, that’s not the case. You know you need someone for the position, by you’re not quite sure of all the skills necessary for success in the position. Further analysis is required. For those situations, we work with you, utilizing our proven methods to itemize the skills necessary for success and then find the right candidate to meet the need.

Contract Placement

On occasion, an organization has the need to place a number candidates into several different positions, often within a pre-defined time period.  For example, they may be establishing a new office or a new department.  Our experience in staffing such scenarios attests to our flexibility and personalization of the recruitment process.  Perhaps this quote from a client best summarizes our abilities:

It’s amazing how well, 35+ people who didn’t even know each other 9 months ago, get along so well and have so much fun together.
— B. Gooding

Temporary Placement

Sometimes, because of holidays, illness or leaves granted under government mandate, it’s necessary to temporarily replace someone in the organization for the duration of the absence.   We will work with you to find someone qualified and capable, who understands that the placement will only be for a short period of time.  There are some people who prefer this type of placement and we endeavor to find them.

Temporary-to-hire Placement

The temp-to-hire scenario is becoming more popular these days, as both employer and employee seek to “try before you buy.”  It allows both parties to get to know each other and should they agree, the placement will become a permanent position.  As an experienced recruiting firm, M. Lane and Associates has handled many such placements and we look forward to serving you as well.