Fit Assessment:

In addition to a probing one-on-one discussion of specific accomplishments and responsibilities on previous positions we also examine such factors as the candidate’s short and long-term goals are as well as what environments will encourage their greatest productivity.

Online Testing:

We have the resources to test a diverse combination of financial skills,  software knowledge as well as assess personality traits, I.Q and E.Q.  In many cases these test can be taken and evaluated prior to  interviews. This often allows for more pointed and effective interviewing and screening.

Reference Checking:

All candidates have at least two professional references checked and verified.

Background Checking:

All candidates can have a criminal background check performed for felony and misdemeanor via locations within Dallas and Tarrant counties.  Extensive nation-wide background and credit checks can be conducted at the client’s request for all candidates.

Drug Screening:

Provided at client’s request.

Online Training:

Associates of M. Lane & Associates can access online self-paced training programs. One noteworthy aspect of this service is its ability to convert a potential candidate that is a “solid fit” to a candidate that is an “ideal fit.” In essence, the client ends up with a more heavily skilled new-hire for identical compensation.