We recognize that the workplace continues to evolve. Hybrid roles are emerging and responsibilities, once in separate silos, are now merging. We take the time to more completely understand what:

  • the professional will be charged with accomplishing
  • metrics or standards of success will be used
  • personality characteristics or “soft-skills” that are beneficial or essential
  • has not worked in the past.

Our firm often deselects candidates through conducting multi-round interviews that incorporate the client’s hiring manager’s own open ended questions and “knock-out” qualifiers. Candidates that are not viable get excluded without wasting the client’s time even though they may have appeared on paper to be a “perfect fit”.  The client can then evaluate the responses of those still viable (or on the threshold) before they ever even schedule the first contact.

We realize most terminations and resignations of staff (approximately 80%) do NOT result from the inability to do core work functions of the job description, but instead because they cannot to adapt or assimilate into the corporate culture, management style or approach of the newly joined organization. We developed our proprietary “5C Process” to address this key issue.