Nationally over 80% of resignations and terminations are a result of conflicting personality and corporate culture issues and not from a lack job knowledge or expertise.

At M. Lane & Associates, we’ve developed a business process we call

The 5C Approach: Comprehensive Comparison of Candidate and Client Criteria

We place a high degree of emphasis on having relevant information with which to work. This entails a thorough one-on-one interview with prospective candidates and the development of a comprehensive Portfolio Profile with our clients.

Unlike most other recruiting firms, we still do things the traditional way. We build relationships one at a time. We utilize technology to increase our effectiveness, not as an impersonal substitute for human interaction. We invest significant time and effort up-front to research and address the variables of compatibility. This, in turn, yields returns in the currency of productivity, length of employment, level of commitment and degree of mutual career satisfaction between employer and employee.